Keep Them Alive Ride and Rally – VALOR Clinic Foundation at the Capitol

On September 18th, 2021 an event will be held in Harrisburg at the Capitol about Veteran suicide prevention. The event will consist of a motorcycle ride from the American Legion Headquarters into the Capitol and then a rally of speakers and events at the Capitol. We encourage riders from all over the Commonwealth to join us for the ride and individuals are welcome at the Capitol to support our mission.

This event is about the tragic loss of Veteran’s lives in the war at home. The commonly known number is that 22 veterans take their lives a day Since 9/11/2001, which makes that number more than 160,000.

This is an unacceptable number.

More needs to be done by our states to help reduce these daily numbers.

There are so many ways to approach this tragedy. Our politicians need to know that they can help make these changes and that their voters want them to make these changes. The state and federal governments need to better fund studies that focus on alternative programs. Take a look at how veterans truly see things from a veteran’s insight. Use that information in studies and to help build and develop the programs that are needed.

We are asking veterans, families of veterans, organizations, groups, and American patriots to join us on September 18th to help us and support us as we bring awareness to this very important topic. Without the support of the public, organizations, and even companies out there we could not be heard, and we could not make this possible.

We would like to extend a personal Thank you to companies like Viking Cycle, Willis Sales & Consulting, and K.D. Rosengrant Building & Remodeling. Having companies like yours believe in our mission is very important to us. Having other organizations make such an important awareness mission is just as wonderful. With that being said, Thank you for Gold Star Mother LV Chapter, LAMA’s, and American Legion Post 9 Riders.

Ride to help voice concern for State to do more to prevent Veterans suicide. Be part of something bigger than yourself!! We are encouraging maximum participation at the Capitol steps in Harrisburg at 11:30 am on 18 September 2021. Nobody likes Veteran suicide. Help create the change you want to see for Pennsylvania Veterans. Lead a ride from your part of PA to the capital to arrive in time for our first speaker at Noon!! Food and music will follow the event.

Location Capital Building Steps

1723 Commonwealth Ave
Harrisburg, PA 17120
Contact Phone (570) 534-2854 – Beth
Contact Email

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"It costs $20/day to house and feed a Veteran. Can you help a Veteran each month by donating just $20?