Hope for the Homeless

This is our multifaceted community assistance program which includes outreach, monthly Stand Down events, and moves – in assistance for Homeless Veterans. This project meets a glaring community need for short term transitional and/or emergency housing.

Wearing our distinctive neon yellow VALOR shirts, we seek out homeless Veterans in the wooded areas along water edges, in abandoned buildings and under bridges. We need your help! Please notify us when you become aware of a local homeless person so we can offer assistance.

Our bi-monthly Stand Down events provide clothing, food, health checks, permanent supportive housing assistance, referrals and haircuts to our Veteran homeless population. Check our Facebook page for scheduled events.

You can help by donating food, clothing, money or your time as a volunteer to make these events effective. When donating food remember that life is different for the homeless population. Pull top cans, foil pouches, jars of peanut butter and the like are wonderful.

We provide move-in assistance to newly housed Veterans by giving them an initial supply of food and housewares. People living outdoors rarely have furniture, linens or kitchen wares. We provide these items to set them up for success when they move into a home. You can help by donating serviceable items or volunteer to help them move in.