The SGT Kevin Lannon Veterans Sanctuary was donated by Vaughn and Linda Richards.  This former schoolhouse was built in the 1930's and served the local community until it was retired in 1964.  This facility is located at the intersection of Routes 586 and 79 in the Village of Fallsburg, in rural Licking County, Ohio.

Rehabilitation of this facility to function as a Homeless Veteran Recovery Center will require significant effort by skilled craftsman.  We are asking people who support our Veterans to donate some time and talent to make needed repairs.  For project management, we have divided the project into two parts - schoolhouse and apartment.  We are currently working on the schoolhouse.  We are currently framing walls and repairing mechanicals.  Insulation and drywall will be next.  To volunteer please contact Robert Homman by calling (614) 832-5935.  Address for building is 10329  Pleasant Valley Rd. (586), Frazysburg, Ohio.

We believe the road home for some Veterans is disrupted by the emotional scars of war.  Thge statistics of life crisis which affect our returning Veterans are staggering.  Our method to navigate the road to readjustment for these Veterans begins with common ground.  They  all served their nation, so they understand commitment, rules, purpose and structure.  They will begin their readjustment with a commitment to us and themselves to work toward a better life, and to follow the rules of the program.  These rules involve particpation in all facets of their own care.  We will provide purpose by involving them in Veteran Outreach and Recovery by mandatory particpation in our Stand Down Program.  We will provide structure with schedules and assigned responsibilities.  Involvement in weekly peer-to-peer support sessions will help pave the road to a brighter future through our Veterans Unstoppable program.