A Tampa military vet made a donation for ALS awareness. Then Rob Gronkowski showed up with 2 Corvettes

It’s not every day you get a call from a Super Bowl champion, but that’s exactly what happened to a military veteran in Tampa who was chosen at random to meet Rob Gronkowski, and it ended up being the surprise of a lifetime.

Cameras showed Dawn Atkinson-Jones as she embraced Gronkowski and his girlfriend, Camille Kostek on Wednesday.

“Nice to finally meet you,” said Kostek.

“Congratulations,” said Gronkowski.

The Tampa-based vet said she still can’t believe her good fortune.

“I don’t even play Lotto because I’m so unlucky,” she said.

But luck revved right up for the Tampa resident.

“We loved Brady and Gronk. I liked them when they were with the Pats, but when they came to the Bucs, that was even better. Like, that was my dream,” she said.
Corvette by Timeo Buehrer is licensed under Unsplash unsplash.com

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