VALOR Clinic Foundation helps veterans with transitional housing, PTSD- War to Peace transition retreats, and more.

Help us make a positive impact on a veteran’s life.

  • We help those who served their country in uniform. All five services including the Reserves and National Guard
  • We welcome hometown heroes into our Veterans Unstoppable program. Our first responders deal with challenges similar to those faced by our Veterans.
  • Our Law Enforcement heroes in particular deal with suicide at alarming rates.
  • We do NOT help Veterans with dishonorable or in Lieu of court marshal discharges

The Vets Salute You!


Why VALOR Clinic Foundation (VCF)?

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We help our veterans get the benefits they’ve earned. 

Mark Baylis, Founder of VALOR Clinic Foundation, is a certified Veteran Service Officer in Monroe County, Pennsylvania.

If you or someone you know is a Veteran in need of assistance, please contact us at the 'Major Paul Syverson Veteran's Sanctuary' (Paul's House) for additional information and/or resources.

Our office is located at:
1130 Scenic Drive
Kunkletown, PA 18058

(570) 664-6468

VALOR's Mission

Provide Veterans with assistance accessing benefits, securing shelter, and providing long-lasting Post Traumatic Stress resources and relief through our Veterans Unstoppable Program.

Helps find shelter for Veterans who, due to health or means, are unable to find or keep shelter of their own, and Post Traumatic Stress resources to Veterans through our Veterans Unstoppable program. 

To improve the lives of our nation’s Veterans, we strive to provide nationwide integrated medical care in the future.


Our purpose is to help Veterans and their families deal with life challenges by meeting them where they are and being flexible and adaptive in our response to their unique needs.

We provide a hand up on the home front, and seek innovative, responsive, creative and immediate ways to improve the lives of our nation’s Veterans.

Eventually we want to provide nationwide integrated medical care to all Veterans who need it.

We began this work in 2012, helping about 50 Veterans who were homeless and living on the streets.

Over the past eight years we have had a steep growth curve and have served close to 9,000 homeless or at risk of homelessness Veterans. We also work with homeless and at risk civilians and have provided assistance to over 62,000 since 2012.

Each year we work with over 800 volunteers to provide support to homeless Veterans and civilians and distribute over 200,000 items.

Our outreach continues to grow each year, and we are committed to create and sustain a Veteran community where every Veteran knows there is someone out there who cares about their challenges and will respond effectively with their situation in mind.

*Statistics from 2019 records.

Helping Our Veterans

VALOR works with an Army of volunteers to help our Veterans.


To help Veterans and their families of all generations deal with their life challenges.


Meet them where they are, and be flexible with our response in order to meet their needs.

End State

A Veteran Community aware that someone cares about their challenges and will respond effectively with their situation in mind.

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We are always in need of volunteers for a variety of tasks and events throughout the year. Visit our volunteer page or visit us at Paul's House on the first Monday of every month for our monthly volunteer meeting.


VALOR Clinic Foundation accepts and is in need of a wide variety of donations every month. VALOR continues to be a national grassroots organization and are grateful for your selfless contributions in helping our veterans.

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Bed Boxes for the Homeless

A Bed Box is a modestly secure, hard structure, weather and predator protective sleeping space with limited storage for personal belongings intended as safer shelter than sleeping unprotected, or in a soft structure like a tarp hooch or a tent.