Volunteering to help Veterans

VALOR Clinic Foundation needs volunteers!
VALOR Clinic Foundation needs volunteers to help with the following. If you can spare an hour, or more per week, our Veterans and we would greatly appreciate it.

Helping Our Veterans
VALOR works with an Army of volunteers to help our Veterans. Volunteers are the backbone of VALOR Clinic Foundation. Many are needed on an ongoing basis. Below are some of the areas in which we can use your talents.
  • Assistance with Federal, Private, and State Grant Writing
  • Donations and discounts from businesses
  • Individual Donations (time, money, goods, services)
  • Organizational and Event Volunteers
  • Veterans Unstoppable Program Sponsorships
Hope for the Homeless Program:
  • Homeless Veteran Recovery Centers
  • Making Serving Meals
  • Stand Downs
  • VALOR Clinic Foundation Facility and others
  • Household (Furniture) Goods assistance
  • Mechanics
  • Prepare for Stand Downs (load / unload vehicles)
  • Take homeless Veterans to appointments / work
  • Need Cooks / prepare meals
  • Administrative support
  • Help answering phones
  • Sorting and receiving food, clothing donations
Veterans Unstoppable Program:
  •  Veterans Unstoppable Program Sponsorships
  •  Counselors
  •  Cooks for retreats
  •  Fly Fishing Instructors
Holiday Meals Program:
  •  Holiday Meals
  •  Assist in picking up donations.
  •  Sort donations
  •  Prepare meals
  •  Assist in handing out when picking up Assist in phone calls to Veterans!

VALOR Pathfinders
Pathfinders bring VALOR programs into new communities. They become community Ambassadors for our efforts and help grow the organization.

Often this is done with small-scale efforts to locate homeless Veterans and bring needed supplies.

Other opportunities exist in our holiday meals, Veterans Unstoppable, and Stand Down programs.

Please email Mark mbaylis@valorclinic.org to find out more about this satisfying opportunity to provide A Hand Up On the Home Front.
VALOR Stand Down
Stand Downs have become the cornerstone of our outreach efforts to locate homeless Veterans.

At a Stand Down we provide non-perishable food (like a food pantry), clothing (like a clothing closet), and a warm meal (like a soup kitchen), in the location where the homeless frequent and or live.

Additional services are available for the Veterans as well, like survival gear, sleeping bags, and tents.

Please check our event calendar for a schedule of these important Stand Down events.
Paul's House
Paul House requires a large number of volunteers to perform a wide variety of tasks.

We need Cooks, Administrative support, maintenance, people answering phones, sorting and receiving food, clothing donations, preparing for stand-downs, delivering furniture, and taking homeless Veterans to appointments/work.

To get involved in this critical aspect of Veterans assistance please contact us at (570) 664-6468 or info@valorclinic.org.

The Major Paul Syverson Veterans Sanctuary (Paul’s House) is in the historic Hotel Jonas in Polk Township.  Paul’s House accommodates up to 13 Veterans a day.  We serve 3 healthy meals a day that are specifically designed to help with health challenges faced by homeless veterans.
The emotional scars of war disrupt the road home for some Veterans.  Veteran life crisis statistics are staggering.  VALOR helps Veterans navigate the road to readjustment by establishing common ground.  All of our program participants served their nation so inherently they understand commitment, rules, purpose, and structure.  They begin their readjustment with a commitment not only to us but also to themselves.  They know they must work for a better life and they can accomplish this by following VALOR’s proven program guidelines.  Veterans must proactively address all facets of their own recovery blueprint.  VALOR provides the mechanisms via our Veteran Outreach and Recovery.  Veterans have structure, schedules, and assigned responsibilities.  The weekly peer-to-peer support sessions and life skill classes pave the road to a brighter future through our Veterans Unstoppable program.
Kevin's House
Kevin’s House is currently under renovation.

We desperately need your skills in the trades!!

Come swing a hammer, wet a paint brush, or run some electrical wire so we can get more homeless Veterans off the streets!!

To get involved at Kevin’s House contact Steve at (740) 258-3857
Peer Support Group Leaders
We need Peer Groups Leaders !

Veteran Unstoppable Program

If you or a Veteran you know seems to not be doing well in civilian life, this is the right program for them.
This program helps Veterans integrate into civilian society. Often Veterans struggle with elevated social conflict, emotional scars and a loss of purpose and direction. This program helps Veterans learn to manage the vastly different behavior norms of civilians versus military, tone down the effects of the emotional scars and regain some purpose and direction.

 It is free and not medical treatment so will not impact their freedoms or clearance. Life Partners and significant others are encouraged to join the Veteran.

Contact Glen to enroll @ 570 369-3797
VALOR Clinic Foundation (Paul’s House) is located at 1130 Scenic Drive, Kunkletown, PA 18058

Veterans Unstoppable Peer to Peer Groups:

Weekly groups are conducted every Thursday evening at 7:00 PM at our Paul's House Facility at 1130 Scenic Drive, Kunkletown, PA 18058

Monthly groups are conducted the third Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM at the American Legion Post 927 on Rt. 209 in Gilbert, PA 18331

Veterans Unstoppable Activities:

Outdoor fishing & Outdoor hunting events are scheduled through-out the year, go to the events page for more information
Holiday Meals Support
Our Holiday Meal program has several options to get involved. Food collection, organization, and distribution are the three main volunteer components.

We have a set food item distribution list to help ensure we provide well-balanced nutrition to our Veterans, remain in the holiday celebration traditions, ease food donor recruitment messaging, and streamline packaging during meal preparation for our volunteers.

To nominate a financially struggling Veteran family or to volunteer please call: (570) 664-6468

Resilient Warrior Program
Resilient Warrior is our program to help with filing applications with the VA, Social Security Administration or state offices.

To volunteer to become a representative will require you to submit an accredited claims agent application with the VA and to pass an exam.

We will gladly help by providing your books, telephonic advice, and a manual of VALOR procedures for your use and reference.

To get involved in this important program please email Mark at mbaylis@valorclinic.org.
Fundraising Opportunities
Let’s face it all these things cost money.

Electricity, fuel for trucks, buying nails for Kevin’s House, and insurance are all expenses we can’t escape.

If you want to help us feed the vets, provide facilities for counseling services or make sure our trucks can get household items into newly housed homeless Veterans’ apartments consider hosting a fundraiser.

To learn the rules about VALOR fundraising please email Mark at fourtrees@mindspring.com


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