Navy LT attempting world record run from LA to NYC in 40 days

They say you can’t run from your problems, but for ultramarathoner and Navy Lt. Paul Johnson, running is the perfect escape.

How the 3 Living Black Medal of Honor Recipients Embody the Military’s Top Award

On Jan. 10, 1968, Private 1st Class Clarence Sasser was part of a reconnaissance mission in southern Vietnam when his detachment’s helicopters were attacked upon landing.

Black soldiers honored by name at Civil War battlefield

Flags were placed at the graves of 13 Black soldiers killed in an 1864 massacre at Ross Landing, Arkansas, buried as unknowns but recently identified.

On the Hunt for Army Recruits at an NRA-Sponsored Sporting Convention

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started four years ago, recruiting across the military services has been in crisis.

Thank you to Wendy McCartney and Stacey Kramer from Sanofi

Today we thank Wendy McCartney and Stacey Kramer who held jeans drive at their workplace, Sanofi.

Army veteran prepares for rookie run in Iditarod

Among the many dog mushers set to take on the Iditarod March 3 is a rookie musher who also has the unique distinction of being the only military veteran to run the race this year.

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