Disabled veterans in need of volunteer drivers

A nationwide program for disabled veterans that originated in South Dakota is vigorously searching for volunteers.

House Republicans blast Texas VA hospital after removal of cross-shaped 'Remember Our Veterans' display

Rep. Chip Roy and other House Republicans are demanding that the Secretary of Veteran's Affairs immediately put back a cross display at a veteran's hospital in Texas after it was removed.

Brooksville veteran earned Silver Star after putting his life on the line for fellow troops

The Silver Star is the third-highest military decoration for bravery in combat. David Smith, a special forces veteran living in Brooksville, earned his Silver Star in 2016 while serving in Afghanistan.

Veteran opens home and property to other vets to create the Semper Fi Barn

Down a windy road off the grid in Central, South Carolina you’ll find the Semper Fi Barn. While there, you’ll probably meet some veterans and one of them is Tom Von Kaenel.

Army combat veteran uses personal experience to save the lives of others

Dan Jarvis founded 22ZERO that uses Trauma Resiliency Protocol and Emotions Management Process to provide healing for veterans, active-duty, first responders and their families.

Survivor Winner Donates $100,000 to Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions

Survivor season 43 winner Mike Gabler has donated $100,000 of his $1 million prize winnings to Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions.

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