Veteran Shares How Canine Related to George H.W. Bush's Service Dog Changed His Life in 8 Weeks

Kirby the Labrador retriever is continuing his career of being "amazing."

Before becoming a trained service dog through America's VetDogs, Kirby served as a mascot and "puppy with a purpose" for the Houston Texans — the first NFL team to help America's Vet Dogs raise a puppy training to be a service dog.

Kirby also claimed one of canine athletics' top prizes, earning Most Valuable Puppy at the 2022 Puppy Bowl. But his most meaningful accomplishment occurred two months ago when he officially became the service dog of retired Sergeant Major Kevin Bittenbender.

SGM Bittenbender served 34 years in the United States Army and retired in 2018.
white and brown long coat large dog by Pauline Loroy is licensed under Unsplash

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