An AI-Powered Fighter Jet Took the Air Force's Leader for a Historic Ride. What That Means for War

Even though the artificial intelligence technology is not fully developed, the Air Force is planning for an AI-enabled fleet of more than 1,000 unmanned warplanes to be operating by 2028.

Army Quickly Expanding Holistic Health and Fitness Teams Following Promising Early Results

The Army is fast-tracking the expansion of its Holistic Health and Fitness, or H2F, program as early results show soldiers in brigades recover faster, shoot better and have higher performance on critical fitness tests with the assistance.

The Marine officer who saved 8,000 lives at the ‘Frozen Chosin’

'To me, it didn’t matter whether those were Chinese, Korean, Mongolian, whatever — they were the enemy.'

More Veterans Can Get Cancer Treatment Closer to Home as VA Expands 'Close to Me' Program

The service brings advanced cancer treatment to veterans at community-based outpatient clinics, many in rural locations.

Senators Wary of Sending National Guard to Quell Campus Protests

U.S. senators dismissed House Speaker Mike Johnson’s suggestion to send the National Guard to college campuses to quell growing protests against the war in Gaza and U.S. support for Israel.

Tun Tavern, traditional birthplace of Marine Corps, set to get rebuilt

Plans are underway to build a reconstructed Tun Tavern in Philadelphia in time for the Marine Corps’ 250th birthday.

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