VALOR Clinic Foundation is IRS recognized 501(c)3 Public Charity. focused on Veterans issues


Sadly, far too many families have lost a wonderful wife, mother & friend, father, son, or husband
to the lingering curse of war we call the war at home. Veteran suicide is a national tragedy
happening at the alarming rate of 22 per day. These War at Home, casualties exceed the number
of casualties of actual armed conflict with the enemy by staggering numbers. There are
approximately 7,000 US military personnel who have been killed in combat operations since 9/11.
In stark comparison 22 per day over the same period we have lost 152,416 in the war at home. Yet
somehow these casualties go unrecognized with a national memorial

The Memorial Mile will be a place for family, friends, and battle buddies to remember their heroes
lost in the War at home. 52 Yellow granite monuments will hold the names of these heroes. 52
eight-foot-tall granite monuments representing all 50 states, DC and the territories spaced along
the one-mile nature trail.

Carved on these walls are the names of the more then 150,000 heroes who have died in the War
at Home through-out U.S. history, dating back to the first known death
This moment will not be displayed in Washington D.C. with other monuments, this will be displayed
here in Pennsylvania, in the Pocono Mountains on land which is owned by a Veterans Nonprofit
Org VALOR Clinic Foundation. The memorial mile will be ever-changing. New names of fallen
heroes will be added each spring on Memorial Day.

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