How Ford and Blue Star Families Go Beyond ‘Thank You for Your Service’

Turbos spooled up boost, knobby off-road tires chewed away at rocky ledges, and ground guides gave commands over handheld radios. But these weren’t military vehicles in some far-off combat zone; they were Ford Broncos right here in the USA.

Blue Star Families, Ford, TAPS, the Travis Manion Foundation and contributions from other veteran advocacy groups created the experience as a pilot for a program to support military and veteran families.

When the organizations teamed to create a community-building, off-road driving experience, the goal was to create real support -- not lip service, a public relations stunt or tax write-offs.

I talked to one of the people behind this initiative to learn how it came to be, what it’s all about and what service members, veterans and their families can expect to get out of it.
blue Ford pickup truck by Caleb White is licensed under Unsplash

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